Primary & Pre-Primary School

Primary & Pre-Primary School


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Udupi Shree Adamaru Matha Education Council


Head Mistress Message

Welcome to Poornaprajna English medium school, Adamaru. On behalf of administration and faculty I thank you for your interest in our school and trust our website will give you a comprehensive overview of who we are, what we believe and what we aim to achieve.

-Nishmitha Shetty



Subjects:  English, Kannada, Maths, Rhymes, G.K, Drawing, Coloring

PRIMARY  SECTION (Class 1 To Class 4)

Subjects: English, Kannada, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science

Note: Documents required for seeking admission


  1. Photocopy of the Birth Certificate.
  2. Photocopy of the Adhar Card
  3. Photocopy of the Bank Account First Page.
  4. Photocopy of the Income Certificate and Caste Certificate.
  5. Original TC (Transfer Certificate) for seeking admission from II STD to X STD.
  6. Two Passport Size Photos of the student

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Founder President

HH Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji


HH Sri Eeshapriya Teertha Swamiji

Immediate Past President

HH Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji


  1. HH Sri Eeshapriya Teertha Swamiji , Chairman
  2. Sri Sridhar K. Rao, Hon. Secretary
  3. Sri Ganesh Hebbar (C, A., Udupi), Treasurer
  4. Sri N.S Adiga, Member
  5. Dr. M. R. Hegde, Member
  6. Dr. Raghavendra N., Member
  7. Dr. Sukanya Mary, Member
  8. Smt. Prathima Baliga, Member
  9. Sri P. Ishwara, Member
  10. Sri Udaya Shetty, Member


  1. Dr. A.P. Bhat, Administrative Officer
  2. Sri M. Ramakrishna Pai, Member
  3. Dr. Jayashankar K., Member
  4. Sri Srikanth Rao, Member
  5. Smt Laxmi Nayak, Member
  6. Sri P.K. Ganapathi Bhat, Member
  7. Smt. Nishmitha Shetty, Member
  8. Sri Ashok K., Member

Teaching Staff(For LKG & UKG)

  1. Smt. Nishwitha P Amin, MA,DPT,D.Ed, Teacher
  2. Smt.Shashikala MA, P.P.T, Teacher
  3. Smt. Radhika Bhat, BBM,NTT, Teacher
  4. Kum.Chaithra P, BA,NTT, Teacher

Teaching Staff(For Class I TO IV)

  1. Smt.Nishmitha Shetty, MSc,D.Ed, Head Mistress
  2. Smt.Supritha P, MA,D.Ed,PGDCA, Asst.Teacher
  3. Smt.Neesha S, MA, B.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  4. Smt.Sangeetha, MA, D.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  5. Kum.Yashoda, MBA,D.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  6. Smt.Jyothy, M.Sc,B.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  7. Smt.Vanishree, BA,D.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  8. Smt. Vidya Anchan, B.Com,Ecc.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  9. Smt.Sandhya, B.Sc,B.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  10. Smt.Divya, B.Sc,B.Ed, Asst.Teacher
  11. Smt. Sujatha, BA,D.Ed, Asst. Teacher
  12. Smt.Prajna Thantry, BCA, Computer Teacher

Non Teaching Staff

  1. Sri Poornesh, Office Clerk
  2. Smt.Kavitha, Peon
  3. Smt Meenakshi, Peon
  4. Smt.Bharathi, Peon
  5. Smt Usha, Peon

Supportive Staff

  1. Sri Dayananda, Electrician Cum Plumber
  2. Sri.Ravindra Acharya, Driver
  3. Sri. Shankar, Driver
  4. Sri. Shankar Acharya, Driver
  5. Sri.Vishwanatha, Driver
  6. Sri.Jagadeesha, Driver
  7. Sri.Pramod, Driver
  8. Sri Vasantha, Driver
  9. Sri Shankara
  10. Suvarna, Driver
  11. Sri. Vidyananada, Driver

Hostel Staff

  1. Sri.Mahesh, Boys Warden
  2. Sri. Vishwanath, Boys Warden
  3. Sri. Sharath, Boys Warden
  4. Kum. Rathnamala Hegde, Girls Warden
  5. Kum. Archana, Girls Warden
  6. Sri.Harish, Cook
  7. Sri Vasu, Cook
  8. Sri. Anand, Cook
  9. Sri. Naveen, Watchman
  10. Sri. Guruprasad, Watchman

Hostel Workers

  1. Smt. Neelamma
  2. Smt. Sunadari
  3. Smt. Veena
  4. Smt.Geetha
  5. Smt. Sujatha
  6. Smt. Sudha



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“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

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